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Results You Can Count On

ROR has proven results that you can count on for all of your lens, screen and optics cleaning needs. From streaks to residual oils and dust, ROR is the industries leading first choice for lens, screen and optics cleaning. From the everyday use to the stars above, ROR has a place with you and in […]

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Used by NASA

Every material object exposed to the environment, including bino and scope lenses, are coated with a microscopic oil residue, the unfortunate by-product of environmental pollution. This lens clean-er is the first one designed to remove this oil residue. In a National Bureau of Standards test, ROR increased optical resolution 40% over cleaning with standard lens […]

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Great, GREAT product!

I threw my Kodak solution out after I bought the ROR. The Kodak stuff never worked anyway. I may be the only one on this forum that gets a build-up of oily residue on my filters, but when that happens, ROR pulls it off in a jiff, no smears. I rarely use it on my […]

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