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It Is Not The Future…It’s ROR LCD Screen Cleaner

It Is Not The Future…It’s ROR LCD Screen Cleaner! ROR stands for “residual oil remover.” Unlike other lens cleaners, ROR is designed to emulsify and remove the microscopic film of oil residing on the surface that is caused by environmental pollution. It has been used and tested on everything from multicoated lenses to beryllium surfaced […]

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The New “Nook”…….Even New Nooks Need Cleaned

It is looking like tomorrow will be the big day… Barnes & Nobel will be unveiling their new “Nook” eReader. With the smashing success of their first generation of eReaders, it will be exciting to see what new developments they have come up with. New or Not, your Nook screen is getting dirty!!!! Let […]

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New laptops come in squeaky-clean packages, with spotless keyboards, dustless LCD screens and smooth trackpad. After years of use, however, you would notice your keyboard getting shadows from all even small food particles wedged in between the rough finish. The LCD screen and trackpad might even be oily because of contact with your fingers. While […]

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