Great, GREAT product!

I threw my Kodak solution out after I bought the ROR. The Kodak stuff never worked anyway. I may be the only one on this forum that gets a build-up of oily residue on my filters, but when that happens, ROR pulls it off in a jiff, no smears. I rarely use it on my lenses, as they rarely get junk on them, but I do recall one time when a glob of hamburger grease landed squarely on my front element. I carefully dabbed the bulk of it off with a napkin (yeah, I know, a no-no…), misted a bit of ROR on the lens and wiped with a micro-fiber cloth…twice. The result was a sparkling clean lens, no smears, no residue and no scratches! It also works like a champ on my sunglasses. BTW, I still have over half the solution left in the first bottle I bought five years ago!

–Jack Fleisher,


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