The best cleaner I’ve ever used is ROR

The best cleaner I’ve ever used is ROR (Residual Oil Remover, It simply cleans better and with less effort than any other solvent, yet is non-toxic. A report on ROR’s site about cleaning camera lenses was hard to swallow until I saw the effect of cleaning a brand-new eyepiece and saw the difference in light transmission. Though it wasn’t a TeleVue, the eyepiece came from the factory with dirty lenses that showed an ever-so-slight yellow tint when looking through at a fluorescent light. After cleaning, the eyepiece had a noticeably brighter image without the yellow tint. I presume the eyepiece lenses simply weren’t clean when the eyepiece was assembled. I didn’t take it apart, but I’d bet the inside surfaces weren’t clean either.

– Michael Anderson, Telluride Film Festival


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