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Motorcycle Goggles and Lens Care with ROR Lens Cleaner

The simplest answer to why anyone should wear motorcycle goggles is that it saves lives. Numerous accidents are caused each and every year that could be prevented if the rider had just put on his goggles. Below is just a quick rundown on some of the reasons why you should don these goggles before you hit the road.

Perhaps the most obvious reason to wear protective eye wear, whether you are a Harley man or a sports bike aficionado, is that by wearing them you cut out the chances of having debris hit your eye. Remember that while on your bike the chances of debris, dust particles, bits of the road even can be kicked up by other larger vehicles. Ripping down the road at high speeds is no time to get bombarded by debris and dust. You can easily be blinded and loose control of your bike.

A good pair of goggles can prevent this easily. What’s more, the lenses available now a days offer a range of functions. Top among them is that they are shatterproof and highly durable. So, if you do get a pebble at high speeds it will not break the goggle lenses. Tinted lenses are now on the market and a favorite choice of riders who find themselves on the road at varying times. These tinted lenses are great for dealing with different light situations.

Now, it can be the case that you are stuck in your ways and believe that goggles just do not offer anything to you. Sure, the goggles are made of shatter proof material far better at deflecting debris from bombarding your eyes and sure the tinted lenses are great for cutting glare and improving vision but what else can there be? Many goggles are now treated with a material that cuts out the chance of the goggles to fog up. Many others are ventilated for comfort and are durable enough to last for years to come.

But, let us be honest many goggles are just not stylish and while that is really not reason enough to forgo wearing them, many do just for this fact. Some claim comfort as the issue, others claim that they can not find the right goggles to go with their bike; whatever the reason there are still some who are able to overlook the numerous safety benefits and refuse to wear any eye wear. Goggles these days are extremely stylish and designed for a number of comfort factors. Nice leather straps, chrome accents, shaped lenses and helmet friendly designs are all available without sacrificing the safety and durability of the eye wear.

Bikers understand the danger of riding. It is inherit in the lifestyle they choose. A careful breed by necessity, bikers make sure that their bikes are tuned, that they wear the right clothing and helmets. Motorcycle goggles should not be overlooked especially when it can make the difference between a crash and a safe drive home.

Undoubtedly the best way ensure that your goggles are kept in the best condition and always clean, is by cleaning them with ROR Lens Cleaner.  High end optical manufacturers and eyeglass boutiques have traditionally included a sample of lens cleaners with purchase. It’s a retailer’s way of reinforcing the importance of protecting an eyewear investment for the long-haul.

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