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!Clearly! Amazing….ROR Lens Cleaner Is The Best

Professional photographers were among the first audience to embrace ROR. Now that the general population is equipped with cell phones with multi-touch tablets and cameras built into them, ROR has a whole new audience of consumers in need of its product.

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Laboratories and hospitals have used ROR for decades because ROR cleans lenses, objectives and other optical surfaces better than any other solution available. Obviously, scientific and clinical laboratory testing requires hygienically clean lenses for accuracy as blurred vision can change whole diagnoses and findings. When human lives are at stake, there is no room for compromise.

High end optical manufacturers and eyeglass boutiques have traditionally included a sample of lens cleaners with purchase. It’s a retailer’s way of reinforcing the importance of protecting an eyewear investment for the long-haul. ROR is the perfect sample for your optical clients.

Top-of-the-line flat screen TVs and computer monitors do not respond well to cleaning performed with traditional glass cleaners. Eliminate streaks and fingerprints and avoid scratches that can permanently damage the flat screen. Increase your enjoyment of your cable, movie and TV viewing using ROR. Improve your productivity working on your computer using ROR to clean it weekly.



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